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They will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover’ Mark 16:18
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Healing testimony sent by Jenny Ang

"First of all, I want to thank the Healing Room team, led by Rob and Margaret, at the St Luke's Church for their fervent prayers and unceasing love. A huge thank you to all the prayer intercessors for doing a fantastic work in God's kingdom. This ministry is invaluable and has brought hope and meaning to many who seek God's healing, not only physical healing but also spiritual healing and personal well being.

I was suffering from an excruciating, painful condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis, inflammation of all my joints and bones. There were days where I was paralysed with agonising pain and  spent most of my days in bed. Every breath I drew caused immense pain to my rib cage which were inflamed, my neck and both my hands were stiff with stabbing pain too. I also suffer from Osteoarthritis on both my knees. I was scheduled for a Total Knee Replacement on the right knee on Feb 2014 as it was swollen and I was on crutches.  I was also told that I have two prolapsed disc on my lower back, which made sitting and bending painful too. I was told that I have a genetic condition which causes auto-immune disease in my body. I had no choice but to quit my job. Feeling depressed and sorry for myself, I almost lost the will to live. I was only in my early 40s and I thought my life is over!

By God's divine appointment, I met Julia, the centre manager for St Luke's church. She introduced me to the Healing Room ministry. I began to attend the Healing sessions faithfully as I know I don't have anywhere else to turn to and God is my only hope which I still cling on to. Shortly after attending the healing sessions, I found that my condition has improved dramatically. God has not only healed me of most of my conditions but also restored my spiritual well being. I no longer feel despaired but is now filled with hope for the future. 

There has been no flare up since October 2014 and I have been told by my Rheumatologist that my condition is now in remission. I am now completely free of medications, feeling healthy and energetic. I was glad that the Total Knee Replacement was postponed as doctor said that I was anaemic during pre-op assessment. The op was eventually cancelled as I don't need it anymore. Since visiting the Healing Room, my knees have been strengthened and now I can climb the stairs without aid and even walk for several hours without pain, despite the doctor diagnosis that my right knee cartilage is all gone (as shown on the recent X-ray). My lower back pain has also improved and I can now sit and bend my back.

I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Jesus still heals today. I thank God for the miracles in my life and I believe that He will continue to bring complete healing to my body. Praise God for His mercy and His goodness!"